There are hundreds of beautiful things that we want to visit. But to fully enjoy travel when you visit a place, set aside the fact that you are a tourist. You can blend in and get their reality. We have prepared a short-list on how to travel like a local:

  • Ride the public transportation. When you ride the public transportation you get to immerse how the daily routine of the locals look like. You can enjoy the trip on your own.
  • Make a local friend. It is life-changing to meet new people. You will learn about their culture, life, and place as you talk with them.
  • Rent a house instead of a hotel. When you stay in a hotel, you won’t feel much about being a local because tourists are highly concentrated in that area.
  • Read about their culture ahead. Learn some basic words of their language.
  • Be polite. It does not hurt being polite to people and the environment.

Wander, get lost for a while. Do not be afraid to walk alone and meet new people. Just still remember that you have to be cautious.