6 Great Things to Do in Tuscaloosa in 2020

Traditionally referred to as “Druid city”, Tuscaloosa is a beautiful city Sitting on the banks of the Black Warrior River in Alabama. The “druid city” moniker derives from the abundant water oaks that you can find planted in the city’s downtown streets. However more...

How to Travel like a Local?

There are hundreds of beautiful things that we want to visit. But to fully enjoy travel when you visit a place, set aside the fact that you are a tourist. You can blend in and get their reality. We have prepared a short-list on how to travel like a local: Ride the...


It is nice to travel and unveil the wonders of the places you desire to visit. The win-win in responsible traveling is you get to touch the locals’ lives, and they have an impact to you too. Let a bit of their culture in you! You will love it too!

Make Sure You Have Access To Clean Water When Traveling

Make Sure You Have Access To Clean Water When Traveling

Call it what you will, gastroenteritis, Montezuma’s Revenge, Turista, or the GI Trots, travelers diarrhea has been the butt of many jokes. But the truth of the matter is that it is anything but an amusing experience for sufferers. The problem is often ice, water, or other drinks that have been contaminated by matter from human or animal bowel movements, rich sources of the bacteria E. coli which can cause severe symptoms like loose stools (with as many as 3 to 10 bowel movements a day), cramps, nausea and vomiting, fever, weakness and headache. Needless to say, these sports of symptoms will ruin any vacation. Protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium can also have negative effects on the digestive system.

There are several ways to avoid falling prey to travelers’ diarrhea. Taking some common-sense precautions – and treating water are two of the approaches that can reduce the possibility of this debilitating condition.

Firstly, stick to bottled water and avoid ice. However, consuming bottled water is by no means a foolproof way of avoiding diarrhea. Many unscrupulous sellers gather up empty bottles, fill them with tap water, reseal them and sell them again to unsuspecting tourists. There’s also the fact that you will be contributing to plastic waste by buying bottled water – and this has led to more and more consumers finding bottled water an uncomfortable (and expensive) choice.

Boiling water is another effective approach. but it does rely on access to the right tools for the job and a source of heat. And it limits the amount of water you can carry with you. Once that boiled water is gone – you’re back to square one.

A better approach may be to invest in one of the many portable water filtration devices or water purification tablets.

Water bottles with built-in filtration devices have become a popular option with travelers. However, consumers need to make sure that the water bottle that they are purchasing actually performs according to the manufacturer’s promise – and that it is suitable for travel use in countries where potable water is scarce. Some water bottles are only rated to remove the odor of chemicals from treated water – a more advanced filtration system is required to make water safe to drink where other micro contaminants are present. There are a variety of manufacturers that have built a solid reputation for the supply of these sorts of products. these include Berkey (makers of gravity water filters that have smaller variants, but aren’t quite travel size), Brita, Camelback and LivPURE. However, make sure that what you are purchasing is rated for the type of filtration that you will require – there are a confusing number of choices facing the consumer.

Of course, there are also stand-alone filters that can provide for high volumes of water in an instant. If you are going to be in one spot (such as a resort), or have kids along, these may meet your requirements.

Chemical treatment of water is another option. Travel-sized packs of easy to use treatments are widely available at camping and specialist stores. One such treatment uses Chlorine Dioxide, which is available in tablet or liquid form. A few drops or a single tablet will make water safe to drink. It does take around 30 minutes to work and killing nasties like Cryptosporidium can require up to 4 hours. If you have used a chemical treatment then a great water bottle is very useful. The clever Platypus bottle which concertinas down to avoid taking up space while traveling is a clever solution.

If you are going to be traveling to regions where water quality may be an issue take appropriate precautions. Time is valuable – and in our high-pressure world time off is even more so. Make sure that illness doesn’t lay you low when you should be recharging exhausting mental and physical batteries.

6 Great Things to Do in Tuscaloosa in 2020

Traditionally referred to as “Druid city”, Tuscaloosa is a beautiful city Sitting on the banks of the Black Warrior River in Alabama. The “druid city” moniker derives from the abundant water oaks that you can find planted in the city’s downtown streets. However more recently city residents and leaders refer to it as “The City of Champions” following the Alabama Crimson Tide football team’s win in the BCS National Championships. It is easy to dismiss this quaint little city as a tourist destination as it is renowned for lots of things, including its education, sports, and commerce industry but never tourism. However, it is packed with numerous attractions and things that you, your family, and even friends can get involved in. Below are a few fun things you to do in Tuscaloosa:

Take A Walk by The Tuscaloosa River

Cliché, as this may sound the 4.5-mile Tuscaloosa Riverwalk, is not only relaxing but it is also fun. Your walk will begin from Capitol Park and end on the eastern side of Manderson Landing, which means you will have covered the southern banks of the Black Warrior River. The two-way walkway is paved, thus making it ideal for other activities aside from walking such as running and cycling. While walking, you get to enjoy a view of both the river and parts of the park. While you walk, you can make a stop by the riverbank and enjoy a picnic on the benches and gazebos strategically placed throughout the route. There is also a kid’s playground and splash pad, which makes it perfect if you have your kids with you on vacation. You can find parking for the trail available at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater.

Mercedes-Benz US International Visitor Center and Factory Tour

If coming within inches of some the most iconic Mercedes Benz car is something you have always dreamt about then you can do it in Tuscaloosa. The visitor center and factory tour will not only give you insight into the history of these iconic cars, but you also get to see how some of the vehicles are produced. Both the museum and visitor center offer free admission and are usually open throughout the week except on the weekends. From the tour, you will get to see some of the company’s iconic race cars, automobiles, and concept cars along with an exhibition of Mercedes’ characteristic Peerless Safety. It is important to note that the tour of the Mercedes-Benz plant requires advance bookings for both individuals and groups and the tours are conducted on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and mornings.

Jemison-Van de Graaff Mansion

Designed and constructed in the late 1800s the Jemison-Van de Graaff Mansion make a significant part of Tuscaloosa’s history as it was the home of local politician Robert Jemison, Jr. Passed down through Jemison’s descendants throughout the early 20th century, this Italianate style mansion consists of 26 rooms and has over the years been used for multiple purposes.

Before its acquisition by the Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society in 1991, the mansion has been converted into a library before being used as office space for publishing companies before finally being constructed into a history museum. You can visit the mansion for a guided tour to witness some of the home’s bells and whistles which were well ahead of their time but be sure to make a reservation beforehand. If you would also like to have an event at the mansion, you can do so as it is available for rent for specials occasion events such as birthdays and corporate launches.

The Old Tavern Museum

Constructed in 1827 by innkeeper William Dunton, the Old Tavern Museum yet another historical attraction that holds a significant meaning for the city. One of the few remaining 19th-century inns and taverns, housed within the city’s historic tavern building, the museum has housed Confederate soldiers, state legislators, and even Governor John Gayle temporarily. The aesthetic appeal of this building showcasing the structure’s Southern architecture is something anyone will appreciate. Inside the building, you will find Original antique furnishings amongst other relics from the city’s capital period. The Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society has done an excellent job with the buildings restorations and was responsible for converting it into a museum.

DePalma’s Italian Café

We had to include an eatery in the list and being a fan of Italian cuisine, DePalma’s Italian café automatically comes to mind. Serving fine Italian cuisine crafted from fresh ingredients for over two decades, this café with an open style kitchen is one of the food spots you should visit while in Tuscaloosa. You will appreciate being able to see your food being prepared in the kitchen up until it is served on your table. The café has a well thought out and expansive menu with various Italian dishes ranging from antipasti, gourmet calzones, handmade ravioli, artisanal lasagna, and pizza. You have the option of creating your pizza or going with the restaurant’s specialty. For desserts, you will find the classic Italian desserts, including a white chocolate bread pudding that is so divine and specific to the café. There are also several beverage options from coffee, craft beer, and wine.

Archibald and Woodrow’s Barbeque

If you are more of a food truck kind of guy, then the Archibald and Woodrow’s Barbeque a franchise of the original restaurant is a must try. The chain was initially opened by George Archibald, Jr., his wife Betty, and his sister Paulette Washington and served its famous hickory-smoked barbecue recipes. You can find several Southern barbecue dishes including whiting platters, various meat by the pound choices, catfish and chicken wings. If you do not favor southern-style dishes, then you can opt for Country-style dinner plates which are also available.


The number of things that you can do in this city are so much that we’re not able to fit them in a single post. Other attractions and things that you can do in Tuscaloosa include visiting Lake Nicol, Bryant-Denny Stadium, The Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum and many more. Do not hesitate to take a trip to this city as we can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

How to Travel like a Local?

How to Travel like a Local?

There are hundreds of beautiful things that we want to visit. But to fully enjoy travel when you visit a place, set aside the fact that you are a tourist. You can blend in and get their reality. We have prepared a short-list on how to travel like a local:

  • Ride the public transportation. When you ride the public transportation you get to immerse how the daily routine of the locals look like. You can enjoy the trip on your own.
  • Make a local friend. It is life-changing to meet new people. You will learn about their culture, life, and place as you talk with them.
  • Rent a house instead of a hotel. When you stay in a hotel, you won’t feel much about being a local because tourists are highly concentrated in that area.
  • Read about their culture ahead. Learn some basic words of their language.
  • Be polite. It does not hurt being polite to people and the environment.

Wander, get lost for a while. Do not be afraid to walk alone and meet new people. Just still remember that you have to be cautious.

Reminders for Travelers Before they go

Reminders for Travelers Before they go

It is our responsibility to prepare the things we should bring and know the important things before travelling. This is an important component to avoid delays and unallowable travels. Often times, we need a few reminders to get things done before hitting the road. Here is a quick guide on how to be a responsible traveler.

  • Do a little research on the local cultures of the place you are planning to visit. Learn a few words about the local language.
  • Be aware about the principles of responsible tourism. Ask the agency.
  • Book for a hotel or accommodation.
  • Plan your trips beforehand. Prepare all the information you need before you travel to have a safe and happy travel.
  • Determine whether the travel agency or accommodation has an accessibility policy.
  • Pack lightly. Consider buying things when you are there.

You have to put in mind that responsible tourism talks about leaving a positive mark on the environment and the people who live in the places you choose to visit. When we remind ourselves with these things, we become more immersive and authentic to our travels.

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