First, you must know your body type, your fashion will depend on your body type if you or skinny or fat and even being buff. Know the proportions of your body will make it easier for you to choose the right clothes and accessories suited for you.

The next step would be figuring out your skin tone and what color makes it look best. Choosing colors is also crucial on your fashion if you choose the right colors it can make the skin glow that will make help you to look good but choosing the wrong colors will most likely make your skin look darker or even make you look pale.

Connect your fashion with your personality, construct a fashion that is different from others, every person is different so your style is the best way to show that you are unique. Establishing a trademark will help the people remember you and your style.

If you have extra money to afford to buy new clothes on a weekly basis, make sure to use it having many options will help you with your trademark fashion.